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Coronavirus Update

July 6, 2020 update. The Redwood City rink is undergoing a major renovation. Our store will be demolished. The new space will not be ready until next year. Hanna is graciously making some space for us in the San Mateo rink while the Redwood City rink is being remodeled. Our sharpening appointments in Redwood City are all booked. We are frantically trying to get the interior built in the San Mateo store and move. We hope to be open by
July 23. If you would like to be on the wait list for a sharpening, fitting, mounting, or stretching after we move, please let us know.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Figure Skate Fitting

We are dealers for Jackson and Riedell figure skates. You will be fitted with the correct length and width. Then your boots will be modified so that they do not hurt or give you a blister. We specialize in ouchless ice skates, and can almost always accomplish that. We are fortunate to be inside the Ice Oasis skating rink in Redwood City, because skating boots may not hurt in the store, but may start to hurt after you have been on the ice a few minutes. With access to the ice, you can come into our store immediately if your boots hurt. We can adjust them and you can go back out on the ice to make sure they are right.

Where is the shopping cart?

Figure skating is all about control. To get the best performance, they need to be personally fitted and adjusted to your feet. This takes time, but you will skate better and enjoy it more.

Sharpening Service

By the Robot

Quick and inexpensive. Better than most places. Recommended if:

  • You skate occasionally
  • You are getting started
  • You are in pre-alpha through beta classes
  • You are in entry level hockey classes
  • You are not that picky

By Hand

We offer radius of hollow and Flat Bottom Vee. If you are not sure what you want, we will work with you. Edges will be level. More consistency with the hollows. Recommended if:

  • You play hockey on a team
  • You take lessons at gamma level or higher
  • Edges and control are important to you

High-End Figure

Labor intensive, but takes the least amount of metal. Can compensate for the idiosyncrasies of figure skate blades. Can get closer to the pick. Recommended if:

  • You have Legacy blades or higher
  • You are a serious figure skater
  • Jumps are important to you.
  • Blade life is important to you.

Skates can usually be sharpened while you wait on the robot. The hand sharpening can often be done while you wait but can also back up. The high-end figure sharpening often requires a wait. To help, we have lockers available where you can leave your skates for us when we are not there. Also, if you do not want to wait for your sharpening, we can give you a locker key so your skates will be waiting for you. If you would like to leave your skates in a locker but are not sure of the procedure, please ask. We have lockers in the Nazareth Ice Oasis San Mateo as well.

Appointments are available on weekday afternoons before we open for high-end figure sharpening and mounting.

Skate Work

We offer heat molding for hockey and figure skates. We stretch spots that hurt on figure skates with leather uppers and on hockey skates as long as they are not carbon fiber. We replace rivets and change blades on hockey skates.

Hockey Profiling

We can machine a new curvature into your blades to make them turn quicker or give you more stability at speed. We can also change the balance point. We have a full set of templates for 7', 8', 9', 10', 11', 13', 15' and 28' radius of rocker. Please come by to ask about it. We will look at what you are skating on now and discuss how it might be improved. Then you play a game or skate a stick and shoot. When you bring them back for the profile, we can usually get it right the first time.

Figure Skate Mounting

We can mount your blades onto your boots or move your existing blades. We can adjust the blades as we watch you walk in the lobby. Also, we can work with you on the ice. We will ask questions and align the blades so that you feel the edges are balancing best. We are happy to mount other brands of figure skates such as Edea, Harlick, Risport, and SP Teri.

We have the equipment, skill, and expertise to profile figure blades, but this is usually only done in special circumstances.

About US

We are a small family business. Since 1992 Teri Ann and Lilian have been serving the Bay Area skating community.

We have  been in the same location inside the Nazareth Ice Oasis in Redwood City.



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